Department of Genetic and Molecular Biology

The development of molecular analyzes has contributed significantly to early diagnosis, effective prevention and the choice of individualized treatment strategy.
Molecular diagnosis covers a range of tests, such as the identification of pathogenic microorganisms, prenatal testing, infertility testing and the assessment of the risk of inherited diseases.

BioMediGen Diagnostic Centers in addition to the above, provide the ability to perform specialized tests that are important tools for the prognosis, diagnosis and treatment of various infectious agents and diseases such as inherited diseases, chromosomal abnormalities, genital mutations, genetic material damage, thrombophilia, diabetes as well as non-invasive prenatal testing on cell-free fetal DNA.

The molecular laboratory of BioMediGen Diagnostic Centers offers specialized diagnostic tests, in order to provide daily high quality health services. The protocols and techniques applied are subject to continuous quality controls in accordance to international standards. The certified equipment of the laboratory in combination with the fully trained staff ensure immediate results of high quality and accuracy.

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