Nutrition & Dietetics Department

The nutrition and dietetics department of BioMediGen Diagnostic Centers undertakes the nutritional guidance and adoption of proper nutritional standards for all those who aim to boost the good health of their body.

Diagnostic Center

Papanastasiou 3 & 10 - Heraklion, Crete

The scientific team of the department undertakes to compile individualized diet for:

• weight loss, fat mass loss,
• clinical cases such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, renal failure, Crohn’s disease,
• eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia, overeating),
• athletes and sportsmen,
• pregnancy and lactation,
• proper weight gain in cases where necessary,
• adequacy of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins,
• food intolerance and food allergies,
• vegan and vegetarian.

For the proper functioning of a nutrition and diet center, it is important to have the right knowledge, the appropriate specialization, continuous training and information, modern tools and equipment. Above all, however, there must be the right psychological support that each Nutrition Consultant must provide in order to have the necessary cooperation required to achieve the goal.

The nutrition and dietetics department of BioMediGen Diagnostic Centers consists of specialized scientific staff who have the experience, knowledge and the appropriate equipment with the latest technology analyzers and machines for body composition analysis, somatometric measurements and obtaining medical history and nutritional requirements.

All the necessary measurements, data and every factor (clinical, biotic, psychological) are taken into account in order to produce the best health and nutrition advice and to compile personalized, specialized diets for each occasion.

Our center based on health and the model of the Mediterranean diet, which according to scientific studies, was an important shield for health, undertakes to support you and guide you in the difficult chapter of proper nutrition with education, psychology, experience, education and proper training. After all, proper nutrition is the key to staying healthy.

Intolerance Test

The intolerance test is suitable to highlight foods that do not suit your body. It analyzes the effect of every food on your body and can warn you if a food is harmful to you.

To recognize and eliminate food, environmental and allergenic substances as well as to direct us to the consumption of non-allergenic foods.

To offer advice on the balance of the body’s flora, to restore the normal permeability of the intestine and to help digest food.

The Food Intolerance Test can easily and accurately answer which foods affect our metabolism in some way and generally do not suit our body, thus putting its biochemistry out of balance resulting in becoming slower.

The test is done by taking blood and measuring IgG antibodies in the blood, the increase of which is related to food intolerance.

The Intolerance Test should not limit your diet but expand it! The intolerance test can be an opportunity to enrich our diet and not make it poorer!

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