Tips for parents: How to spend a creative summer with your children?

Welcoming August

The last month of summer, with schools closed and most activities over, children have plenty of free time. Many parents think of this time as an opportunity for reading, activities, and schedules, but in the summer, children, just like adults, need a break from the daily routine of winter. Others feel that in the summer they should do nothing or only do what they want. But children really need to spend their time creatively, whether at home or at grandma and grandpa’s, to avoid getting bored.

Now that the children are more relaxed there are many ways to help them become closer to you. You can go outside, walk together, get in touch with nature, play games that develop their imagination, draw together, read a story or a book, and do some chores around the house with them depending on their age. Assigning such activities leads to their self-determination and boosts their self-confidence, helps to shape their character, and makes them more creative and cooperative. So give your child choices and discuss what they would most like to do with them.

Attention !

Do not let your children sit around all day watching TV, using their mobile phones, or playing computer games, as this will have a negative impact on both their physical and mental health.

It is therefore an opportunity during this period to listen to your children, to talk to them, to make them spend their time pleasantly, and to make them feel useful and productive!

Psychologist, M.Sc. Child Psychologist

Stelina Antoulinaki

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