BioMediGen participate in the STRIKE of laboratory doctors

Biomedigen Diagnostic Centers participate in the STRIKE of laboratory doctors, diagnostic laboratories and polyclinics on May 26, 27 & 28!
With a legislative regulation in 2013, the measure of automatic return, also known as clawback, was implemented for the first time by EOPYY, as an extraordinary action of restraining and rationalizing health expenditures due to the difficult economic conditions prevailing in our country with the implementation of the memoranda. Since then, no care has been taken in order to make a real assessment of the needs of the citizens and to finance with the corresponding amount the budget of EOPYY.

On the contrary, 10 years later, the clawback still exists with the situation now being described as dramatic. The prepayment on a monthly basis of 70% of the clawback for the current year in combination with the accumulation of regulated debts for the clawback-rebate for the period 2013-2019 (the clawback for 2020 has not been calculated yet and the remaining 30% for the 2021), leads the laboratory doctors, the diagnostic laboratories and the polyclinics to misery and annihilation as the cuts of EOPYY in the submitted expenses every month exceed 60%.

Unfortunately, despite repeated contacts and meetings between the representative bodies of the laboratory doctors, the diagnostic laboratories and the polyclinics in the last months with the people in charge of finding a solution and despite the official recognition of the problem by the latter, there has been no financial support. Health Care or strategy change.
In this context, we announce our participation in the strike mobilization on May 26, 27 & 28 and therefore, the Diagnostic Centers will remain closed.

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