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Mental health is about the way someone acts, manages their emotions and copes with difficulties, not just about mental disorders.

To be mentally healthy, a person should be physically healthy, able to work, be socially active and have sources of support e.g. close friends. So the question naturally arises as to whether one can be mentally healthy nowadays.

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Counselling is provided to adults with generalised anxiety, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, depression, loneliness/isolation, self-esteem/self-image issues, family and interpersonal relationship issues, anger/aggressive behaviour and divorce.


In more detail, Counselling is a type of therapy that aims to resolve everyday difficulties of individuals such as health, work, social relationships. It is effective in dealing with crises and mental health disorders. It focuses mainly on emotion and aims to reduce the discomfort of people of all ages. The person being treated will thus be able to improve their personal situation and relieve difficult emotions. Get to know himself and function better in interpersonal relationships.

An essential characteristic of Counselling Psychology is the establishment of a therapeutic relationship with the client that is composed of security and trust. Since confidentiality is maintained, any information received or perceived by the therapist remains confidential. She is there to listen empathetically to any issue that has arisen.


In addition to providing in-person sessions, at the Biomedigen Diagnostic Center, the Psychologist also serves people online. These sessions are now widespread and, according to scientific evidence, are just as effective as face-to-face sessions. Usually, skype sessions facilitate those who are far away, in remote areas or in the countryside. They are ideal for someone who does not want to visit a Psychologist located in their city or for someone who wants to be helped from their own space.

Please note that the process is confidential and of course confidentiality, anonymity and the Code of Conduct is maintained.

However, the online session is not recommended for people in need of serious psychiatric help or who have a diagnosis of a serious disorder. It is suitable for specific situations, such as anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depressive mood, low self-esteem, relationship problems, but also for improving the communication skills of the client or for personal development. A disadvantage of distance sessions is that the extra-verbal communication with the client is lost (posture, tone of voice, looks, movements).


Biomedigen diagnostic centres organise informative-living seminars on a variety of mental health topics, in groups of 5-8 people, with the aim of providing participants with knowledge and techniques to improve their quality of life. In short, these seminars aim to put them in touch with their inner world as well as with those around them.
Upon successful completion of the seminar, a certificate of attendance is given.


Child Psycology Department

Many parents today are concerned about how they can help their child develop certain skills and cope with difficulties that arise.

Through the therapeutic process, the child discovers himself, expresses and manages his difficult emotions better, learns to function and to fit into social contexts, points that are decisive for his mental health. Using techniques familiar to the child, such as play, painting, stories, fairy tales, etc., the child psychologist creates an individualized intervention program, always according to the child’s needs!

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Child psychology explores issues related to the developmental course of the individual from infancy to adulthood. A child psychologist is a specialist who holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has specialized (Master’s degree) in the field of child psychology. He intervenes therapeutically, taking care of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioural difficulties (anxiety – anxiety disorders, phobias, depression, behavioural problems, aggression, bullying, relationship difficulties, adjustment difficulties, crisis management, internet addiction), as well as children with developmental disorders (autism spectrum, ADHD).

The child psychologist also intervenes in a counselling capacity (parental counselling & counselling of children and adolescents). Parent counselling is carried out in parallel with the specific therapeutic programme or psychological support for the child. It is an essential stage as it greatly enhances therapeutic outcomes. The Child Psychologist, is there to listen, guide and educate parents, but also to help them to recognize, accept and deal with the child’s difficulties. Parent counseling takes place with one or both parents together, if possible and circumstances allow.

When should a child, adolescent or parent be referred to a Child Psychologist?

  • When parents need guidance and advice on the proper upbringing of their child
  • To deal with stressful life events such as separation, illness, death or difficult transitions (e.g. changing schools)
  • When the child has difficulties at school, learning difficulties, distraction, hyperactivity, cognitive development difficulties
  • When there are changes in behaviour, such as difficulties sleeping (nightmares) or eating (anorexia, bulimia)
  • Behavioural problems, such as anger outbursts and aggression
  • When he/she feels anxiety, sadness or has physical discomfort without any organic cause
  • When there are marked mood swings
  • When he/she has low self-confidence
  • When he or she refuses to go to school
  • When socially isolated
  • when he/she is a victim of bullying
  • When he/she exhibits delinquency, e.g. stealing, destroying property, etc. or injures others
  • When taking drugs or consuming excessive amounts of alcohol
  • When he/she wants to harm himself/herself and displays self-destructive behaviour
  • Having a serious or chronic illness
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